How to Choose the Best Gas Ranges for Your Lifestyle

So you've picked a gas range over an electric. Now—what about size, colours, and features?

Read about our 4 top picks to see which one suits your lifestyle.

7 Kitchen Appliances That Will Have You Keeping Up With Your Inner Chef

Ever feel intimidated by all the brands and options available when appliance shopping? We can help. Our latest blog can too.

And if you need some face-to-face assistance, stop by and chat with our expert, non-commision staff!

What Type of Chef Are You? 4 Cook Ranges That Serve a Range of Cooking Styles

Everyone has a different cooking style. From the aspiring professional to convenience chefs, your choice of cooking range can make an impact.

Find out which cooking range matches you best in our latest blog.

Kitchen Appliances Tips: How to Deal with Bad Smells in Your Fridge

When cleaning the kitchen, don't forget to give the fridge some TLC too! Treat yourself to a clean (and great-smelling!) kitchen with these tips.

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Cook up something special with your sweetheart <3

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5 Washers and Dryers That Will Save You Time, Money, and Space

Are you still using your home's original washer and dryer? While it may feel more economical, upgrades to technology beg to differ.

If you're in the market for upgrades, check out these 5 great appliances in our blog!

Four Things to Note When Sourcing Home Appliances for Home Renovations

A home renovation can make drab rooms into beautiful modern luxury. But while that new backsplash tile looks chic, returning to tired, old appliances can ruin the experience.

Whether you're a contractor or having a renovation, our blog has some tips for you to read.

Time to Upgrade: How Cooking Appliances Are Evolving Now and In the Future

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years—and not just for smartphones! Technological upgrades to kitchen appliances are paving the way for the future.

Are you up to speed? Read more on our blog.

Laundry Matters: How to Dress for Success with the Right Washers and Dryers

Did you know that having clean clothes can have a mental benefit? There's more to laundry than just the surface!

See our tips for laundry lifestyle success!

Out of the Wine Fridge: 3 Ways to Care For and Store Glassware

As the new year starts to progress, you may be tasked with finally putting away the extra glassware.

Check out our blog for some great glass cleaning and storage tips.

4 Cold-Weather Tips for Your Canadian Appliances

As we see the mercury drop, it is important to remember that your appliances are also affected by the cold!

Follow these 4 tips to keep everything working smoothly.

Stock that Wine Fridge: 4 Ways to Serve Food and Wine for the Holidays

Are you ready to entertain guests for the upcoming holidays? For a delectable meal to remember, it's important to plan for flavour.

From cheese to dessert, we have four great tips for pairing wine on our blog!

Happy holidays and a happy New Year! Thank you to our wonderful customers and staff, here's to a fantastic 2018!

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4 Modern Kitchen Appliances for Baking Traditional Christmas Treats

The holiday season means the kitchen is seeing quite a bit of use!

Whether you're hoping for new appliance for Christmas, or just want to treat yourself—Our blog can help your plans 🤗

Countdown to Christmas: Prepare Using Kitchen Appliances

Christmas is coming... Are you prepared?

Check out our blog for some important pre-holiday tasks to do!

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Stop by our live kitchen showrooms (with working appliances) or check out our website:

4 Cold-Weather Tips for Your Canadian Appliances

You've no doubt heard of 'spring cleaning', but winter cleaning is just as important! Before things get too cold, it's important to do some appliance upkeep.

See our tips on keeping everything running smoothly at home.

6 Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen Appliances This Fall

Proper maintenance is essential in keeping your home appliances ship-shape! And, unlike a car, most of it you can do yourself.

We have 6 tips for you to check out.

7 Tips to Prep Kitchen Appliances for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner. Are your appliances ready?

Make sure your kitchen is prepared for baking delicious treats with our latest blog post!

Kelowna Events: 5 Ways to Keep Your Wine Fridge Stocked

With the holidays coming up, it's important to keep your beverages stocked—you might want to check out these upcoming events.

Read our blog and be prepared for the holiday rush!

3 Big Trends in Kitchen Appliances Happening Right Now

From hearth to appliances, kitchens have changed a lot over the years.

Check out these three current trends—one of them might surprise you!

Kitchen Appliances: Different Layout Types and Tips

When renovating a kitchen, changing the layout can open a new realm of appliance possibilities!

Check out the benefits of each layout in our blog.

The Best Appliances for Halloween Baking and Candy Making

October is the time for spooky scary treats! 🧟‍♂️

Do you know how your appliances shape up for baking? Check out our blog for some tips!

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

Appliances are not a "one size fits all" solution, especially in the kitchen! What should you consider before making a purchase?
Check out our blog to help your decision-making process!

Wine + Beverage

WIth the Fall Wine Festival approaching, maybe it's time to update your wine and beverage storage!

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Get Cookin’ With These 5 Favourite Kelowna Appliances

Your kitchen can do so much more with the right appliances.

We've got 5 great ones in our blog!

Inspiration Gallery

Looking for an upgrade? Have an appliance that needs replacement?
Our inspiration gallery has photos and a virtual showroom tour!

Long Live Summer: Indoor Cooking Appliances in Fall

As summer begins to wind down, it also means that outdoor BBQ days are limited...but with the right appliances, you can grill year-round!

Check out our blog for tips.

Appliances Overview

With more than 50 appliance brands to choose from, we have an amazing selection to meet your needs!

From cooking to laundry, we've got it all.

The Home Appliances Advantage: 5 Reno-for-Resale Tips

So you've been tasked with getting a house ready for resale, but you're not sure where to start...

We've got some tips to help you out!

Kitchen Appliances: The Ticket to Top Dollar Vacation Rentals

Have a vacation rental that's not getting the attention it deserves?

An appliance upgrade might help—along with 4 other suggestions in our latest blog post!

Kitchen Appliances: Why Buying Local is Best

Big box stores have their benefits, but buying from a local appliance shop is one of the best ways to support your community.

We've got the pros and cons of both in our latest blog post!

Save up to $400 on Whirlpool!

Save up to an extra $400 on Whirlpool kitchen appliances until August 30!

4 Ways to Find Honest Reviews on Appliances in Vernon

Any appliance purchase can be a considerable investment. That's why it's important to check reviews and get all the details.

Our latest blog post has 4 ways to help make sure you're making the best choice!

Kitchen Reno Considerations: Cooking Appliances & More

Before you start your kitchen renovation, make sure to take all the variables into account!

Do you have all your bases covered? Double-check your renovation plan with our latest post.

Kitchen Appliance Tips: Get Organized at Home this Summer

Keeping your kitchen organized and ready can give you more time to relax.

Find out how to improve your summer with these tips!

Inspiration Gallery | Genier's Appliances

So you've been dreaming of some shiny new appliances...

Make your dreams a reality—check our gallery for some great photos to whet your appetite!

Design Your Dream Space Using Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Beat the indoor cooking heat and transform your back patio into an outdoor paradise! 🍹

We've got some tips for your dream appliance transformation.

How Do You Find The Best BBQ (For You) | Genier's Appliances

So you've finally decided to upgrade your grill this summer. With so many options, how can you choose?

Never fear, our guide is here to help! Click below 😎🍖

Honour Home Appliances by Celebrating Canada Day at Home

Give your BBQ and grill some TLC for Canada Day! 🇨🇦

Click below to see our tips.

Genier’s Appliances | Jenn-Air June Promo

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Genier’s Appliances | Whirlpool & Maytag Savings

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